If you have transferred a commercial property into a SSAS or SIPP Pension scheme in the last four
years, then you may have overpaid your Stamp Duty Land Tax and be entitled to a refund from
HMRC. We can assess your property pension portfolio to ensure the correct SDLT consideration was applied.

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Why does SDLT
Overpayment Occur
in Pension Schemes?

Where property passes from multiple owners into their SIPP or SSAS pension scheme then, in most cases, SDLT should not have been payable.

What Could I

The average loss to individuals is up to £18,000 but can be up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is before factors like interest are considered, especially for those who may have made these transfers up to 16 years ago.

How do I Know if
My Pension Scheme
Would Qualify?

Situations to Look Out For

A transfer by joint owners of a property or pension scheme

Transfer by sole owners of property to multi member pension scheme

Transfer by company to multi member pension scheme or schemes owners all scheme members

This Also Works the Same if
the Transfer Involved a Company

Transfer by joint owners of property to connected company

 Transfer by a sole owner to a connected company

 Transfers by companies to other companies

Are You Eligible?

There are 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to find out if you are eligible.

Do you have a SSAS pension?

 Do you have a SIPP pension?

 Did you put your commercial property into your pension plan?

 Did you pay Stamp Duty Land Tax?

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