Employee Health & Wellbeing: The True Value of Our Run Club

i4b run club

At Innovation 4 Business, we believe that the physical and mental health of our entire team is crucial. After all a healthy body and healthy mind means happy staff, which leads to happy clients!

As part of our wellbeing initatives, we began our first run club in 2020. With roughly 80% of our team joining in on our mission to conquer healthy bodies and minds, we have been able to truly feel the below benefits:

Improvement on physical health

Not only does running help you to maintain a healthy weight and strengthen muscles, it also improves cardiovascular health.

With the gyms closed and many people working from home, we’ve had to find new ways to get active. Our Run Club is important in doing just that, as it gives us a chance to get up and moving. Running helps us to keep active, keep our hearts healthy and our muscles strong.

Over 1 in 3 people reported an increase in physical pain since the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 (Nurofen). Key drivers for this included more stress, increased screen time and poor working from home set-ups.

Run club is our way of combating these obstacles by supporting our team in getting out during the work day, reducing screen time and taking a break.

Keeping our minds happy and healthy

Ensuring we keep our minds happy and healthy is important to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

74% of people experience improvement in their mental health and wellbeing from running (England Athletics). Research suggests that this is due to the endorphins released when running, which substantially boosts your mood.

Other ways to tackle stress and anxiety include socialisation. With the majority of our team on board with Run Club, socialising through sharing common interests with co-workers in a time where a lot of us are feeling disconnected can make us feel more at ease and more confident in our ability to cope with stressors.

Boost productivity

Running helps fuel your brain, and when your brain is performing to its full potential, your focus, concentration and decision-making skills improve. This means the benefits of running show through our work!

Productivity also has a positive impact on mood, meaning the two benefits of running work hand-in-hand. When you’re productive, you tend to be happier, and when you’re happier, you are likely to be more productive. Having happy, engaged and productive staff is the backbone to any business, which is why our health and wellbeing initatives are so essential.

Innovation 4 Business

At Innovation 4 Business, the mental and physical health of our employees is of utmost importantance. Following the impact of the coronavirus, we want to make sure that we are doing our part for our employees and supporting them in any way possible.

In doing so, we are able to offer our clients a better service. Discover how our R&D team supported our client in receiveing £235,000, while our SDLT consultants saved a developer £161,500!

Find out more about our wellbeing initatives.

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