Land Remediation

Land remediation is the process by which land resources are restored to their formal state due to
contamination in soil and water. We analyse land purchased that has been contaminated and
advise on any costs reclaimable.

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Land Remediation Relief

What is
Land Remediation

Land Remediation Relief (LRR) is amongst one of the most generous tax reliefs available to investors and property developers. The relief provides a tax deduction of up to 150% of the money spent on qualifying expenditure for remediating land and buildings.
This can include land contaminated by a past industrial activity or by some naturally occurring contaminants. LRR is also available costs for bringing land, that has been derelict since at least 1 April 1998, back into productive use.

Examples of



Japanese Knotweed


Buried Structures

Harmful Organisms

Removing Underground

Are You Eligible?

The legislation sets out a framework of conditions which must be satisfied to claim LRR. Typical beneficiaries would be investors, property developers, house builders and owner occupiers. There are 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to find out if you could be eligible.

Are you subject to corporation tax?

Is the land in the UK?

Do you have an interest in the land in question?

Can you confirm you were not the polluter of the land nor have a connection to the polluter?

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