Pre-Completion Investor Makes SDLT Saving of £20,600


Every year thousands of people overpay commercial or residential Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).

At Innovation 4 Business, our Stamp Duty Land Tax specialists meticulously analyse our clients’ transactions in order to ensure they are paying the correct amount for their SDLT. Whether this involves sourcing stamp duty refunds or analysing stamp duty for buy-to-let investors before contracts are exchanged, we pride ourselves on helping our clients save as much as possible.

We recently helped our client, a pre-completion investor, to make a significant saving on their SDLT.

Our Client’s Journey

The client was in the process of purchasing an investment property for £672,000. Upon their friend’s recommendation, the client wanted to see if they could also benefit from our services to ensure they didn’t overpay on their stamp duty.

Our team of experts commenced investigating the entire transaction, ensuring the client was able to achieve their desired targets within a pre-agreed timeline.

As a result of working with the Innovation 4 Business team, the client was able to make a significant saving of £20,600!

When asked about our service, the client said:

“It was very easy working with Innovation 4 Business. They have excellent communication service and provided me with comprehensive details about SDLT savings.

They clearly set out the target in line with my needs and these targets were achieved within the pre-agreed timeline.

Due to their expertise, I received substantive reduction in my Stamp Duty. I will absolutely recommend them and certainly use their services again.”

Our Level of Support

Our unparalleled level of support and guidance means that when it comes to making savings for our clients, we can keep to a pre-agreed timeline to achieve results for investors, property developers and business owners.

Am I Eligible for a Stamp Duty Refund?

If you are an investor looking to acquire buy-to-let property, you would be subject to a higher rate transactional tax, or 3% loading. However, dependant on the way you purchase your property, you may be entitled to stamp duty reliefs.

How Innovation 4 Business Can Help

At Innovation 4 Business, our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable on Stamp Duty Land Tax regulations and processes. This means that by working with us, you can potentially avoid any unnecessary tax liabilities and make a substantial saving towards your next project or venture.

As well as pre-completion advice, we can also offer post-completion reviews in order to ensure correct stamp duty tax payments were made, and if applicable, can write to HMRC on your behalf to request a refund of stamp duty paid previously.

Find out how we helped a property developer do just this to receive a refund of £26,000 on their Stamp Duty Land Tax.

If you’d like to find out more about whether your property qualifies for reliefs or a refund, get in touch with our specialist team by calling 0121 309 0222 or email to see how we can help you make the best saving possible.