Sustainable Property; Energy prices and the Country’s resolve to combat them


Sustainable Property; Energy prices and the Country’s resolve to combat them

As the cost of living is affecting homeowners, they are now doing everything in their power to get the most out of their homes.

Rising energy prices don’t appear to be improving any time soon and this has altered people’s attitudes towards energy saving more than ever before.

UK households are seeing the value in making small changes to their daily routines. Starting with lighter washing loads, turning off electrical’s and plug sockets not in use, and swapping to energy efficient light bulbs.

Individuals are also considering much more sustainable methods to truly stamp down on their energy costs with greener energy improvements to their homes. Greener improvements will positively impact their energy efficiency and will in turn increase their environmental sustainability.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, from more modern methods such as fitting solar panels and installing electric charge points, to time old effective wall insulation and double, even triple glazing windows.

It’s worth investing in new-found methods of being energy efficient, as we look to the future and how energy will be consumed, or better, how it will be reserved.

Installing electric car charge points could be just what you need to cinch your house sales against your competition, as new build homes and landlords are encouraged to focus on implementing green energy moving forward. It not only ensures your house is energy efficient, but future proofs your property as well.




Innovation 4 Business – SDLT

If you are looking to purchase a new home, whether that be downsizing for the cost of living or you are buying a property with more land to be able to implement more sustainability around your home and land, we are here to assist with your Stamp Duty Land Tax over payments.

Too often, individuals are not quoted the correct figure when buying a new property, and this is where we are able to guide you through the process, so that you either pay the correct amount upon completion, or receive a refund from HMRC.


Introducing Green Liquidity

Green Liquidity are a specialist finance company, who design and implement tailor-made finance and lease plans for businesses, with a focus on green, sustainable and socially positive asset investments. Going further than traditional finance companies, Green Liquidity invest in building close commercial relationships with each of their clients, to ensure they are offering them the most appropriate and timely financing programmes.


Get to know Dave Rowlands

Dave has many years in the finance industry, specifically working for over last 20 years within the technology finance sector.

Dave has developed and executed various successful finance programmes, either direct to customer or via the vendor channel. His experience is focused on providing financial solutions to enhance technology and renewable spends including total cost of ownership as a service offering and revenue recognition schemes, both in the UK and Europe.