When it comes to needing business finance, timing is of the essence


When it comes to needing business finance, timing is of the essence

One of our clients found themselves needing to secure funding quite urgently, requiring a bridging loan of £40,000.00, within 24 hours. This could have been a stressful situation, however due to the thorough work by our team, our Portfolio companies and the connections and relationships that they have built over the years, we managed to secure the funding required in less than 12 hours. What a fantastic outcome for the client!

Due to being part of the ARMCO portfolio of companies, we were able to refer our client to Finance 4 Business, who took them under their safe wing, right away. Acting quickly, our team of advisors worked with a trusted lender who used their in-house desktop valuation and internal legals, for speed, and this meant that they were able to complete the urgent bridge to facilitate the business loan in a matter of hours. This allowed the client to move forward with their business transaction, and as a result of the fast action of the team, their work was not affected.

The rapid response and quick reactions from the team behind the scenes ensured that the client was taken care of by a trustworthy business and due to our internal referral, they knew they were being looked after by a noteworthy company.

Although Innovation 4 Business is a specialist tax advisor providing advice for our clients in the key areas of; Stamp Duty Land Tax, Research and Development, Capital Allowances, Property Partnership Incorporation, Land Remediation Relief and Pensions, we will always seek to use the wider portfolio to fulfil a clients needs.

Who are Finance 4 Business?

Finance 4 Business are one of the UK’s leading specialist brokers for property transactions with combined experience exceeding 250 years. They champion understanding a client’s requirements, sourcing the correct product, and delivering this in the required timescales as only a mere part of their obligations. They have three core offerings, Commercial Portfolio and Investment Mortgages, Bridging Finance and Development Finance.

Innovation 4 Business

Here at Innovation 4 Business we always look to go the extra mile for our clients, and this is just one example of how we achieved an outstanding result for them. Being part of the ARMCO portfolio means that we have access to a wide-ranging panel of experts, in this case Finance 4 Business, who have the knowledge and experience to get things done quickly and efficiently when time is of the essence.

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The ARMCO Portfolio

Our combined knowledge and expertise through ARMCO’s portfolio means we are able to offer other relevant products and services to our clients, such as property finance, asset-based lending or development insurance. Collectively, we can offer a speedier and more efficient service compared to seeking multiple solutions elsewhere.