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Connaught House

Case Studies

Connaught House

Pre Completion – Residential

Our Client engaged with us, when they were looking to purchase a new main residence, and so wanted to see if they were able to save on their SDLT payment.

The purchase price of the property was £3,250,000 and so the team set to work, collating the details of the property. They were able to advise the client that he was able to benefit from SDLT Reliefs, as the property would be recognised as a Mixed Dwelling.

The properties which were recognised as dwellings within the property they were purchasing, allowed the client to take advantage of the pre-advice and pay a substantially lower amount of SDLT than they had previously thought.

Due to this thorough research by the team, they were able to make a saving of £152,501, which was just over half of what they had originally been advised that they would have to pay.

This saving enabled the client to move into their new residence and the advice being offered pre-completion, meant that they were able to see the savings put into immediate effect.

I am very happy with the way Luke has dealt with our claim from start to finish.

I will be happy to recommend your services to friends and business associates.


L W Developments LTD


£152,501 in Client Savings


£122,000 in Net Savings


£3,250,000 Purchase Price