R&D tax claims can come from process improvements, production improvements,
scalability, and quality control.

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What Qualifies as R&D
in the Agriculture Industry?

The challenge for agriculture is to feed a growing population from an ever-diminishing pool of resources while maintaining the current reduction in energy use and both limiting and recycling waste. With climate change, growing conditions such as warmer temperatures, less water and changing soil conditions, agriculture needs to continue evolving. Qualifying expenditure is apparent in the development of new machinery and components or the adoption of existing components in a new or non-obvious way. Many agricultural businesses are building new processes to reduce waste or reuse waste products in novel ways, e.g. biofuels.


Over 1,120 Claims


Over £55,000,000 Reclaimed


Average Claim Value Is Over £50,000

Examples of Qualifying R&D Activity in
the Manufacturing & Engineering Industries

New technologies and processes


Pest control

Health products to assist livestock production

Internet of Things and Big Data



Increased crop yield



Vertical Farming

Soil management

Smart irrigation


Satellite usage and remote

Waste recycling

Other Industries

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