Construction sites typically face unforeseen difficulties and have to adapt,
innovate and experiment in order to overcome these obstacles.

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What Qualifies as R&D
in The Construction

Construction is a challenging sector. During any project many things can happen, such as, delays, uncertainty, unforeseen difficulties or just a change in direction.
R&D is all about seeking advances, overcoming obstacles, and resolving uncertainty. Many construction or engineering projects have a combination of all these things. In Construction, R&D usually relates to the innovative use of materials or overcoming problems on site. There are often unique circumstances in which only a bespoke solution suffices.


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Examples of Qualifying R&D Activity in
the Construction Industry

Creating or experimenting with new materials.

Integrating new or improved technology into buildings.

Coming up with new ways to implement energy saving techniques.

Integrating mechanical and electrical systems into buildings.

Solving technical problems that arise during or after construction.

Modifying existing components and fittings into bespoke projects.

Meeting new regulatory requirements such as: fire, health and safety, sound and thermal.

Developing new or improved equipment used in construction.

Redesigning to improve performance, reliability, quality,
safety and life-cycle costs.

Developing Buildings Information Management (BIM) capabilities.

Performing offsite fabrication or offsite construction.

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