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R&D activity includes product development, production line speed and resource improvement,
quality control and compliance.

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What Qualifies As R&D
In The Manufacturing
& Engineering Industries?

The manufacturing and engineering sectors are constantly striving to solve complex problems and improve existing systems. Investing in research and development is at the heart of manufacturing and engineering businesses and can range from the digital design and modelling of products through to developing and testing prototypes, in-depth testing, and analysis to overcome implementation challenges.


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Examples of Qualifying R&D Activity In
The Manufacturing & Engineering Industries

Innovative product development using computer aided design tools

Development of second generation or improved products

Tooling and equipment fixture design and development

Developing unique computer numerical control programs

Designing innovative programmable logic controllers

Designing innovative manufacturing equipment

Prototyping and three-dimensional solid modelling

Designing and developing cost-effective and innovative
operational processes

Integrating new materials to improve product performance and
manufacturing processes

Evaluating and determining the most efficient flow of material

Designing and evaluating process alternatives

Designing, constructing, and testing product prototypes

Developing processes that would meet increasing
regulatory requirements

Streamlining manufacturing processes through automation

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