There is often a strong case for R&D tax relief in the software sector.

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What Qualifies as R&D
in the Software Industry?

The software industry is fast evolving and continuously adapting. These adaptions are considered routine everyday activity by many software developers. In many cases these adaptions fall into the categories qualifying R&D tax credits.


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Examples of Qualifying R&D Activity in
the Software Industry?

Developing new operating systems as well as extensions to database software, programming languages, or operating systems.

Resolving issues with software or hardware, where the solution to a current problem is unknown.

Creating new security or encryption techniques that do not follow already established methods.

Developing more efficient or new algorithms whose improvements depend on techniques that have been previously untried.

Modifying or developing tools to assist with workflow such as tools to port data across platforms, tools for image processing or character recognition.

Addressing issues that impact the security of your service or creating new security features to guarantee the data of your customers is protected.

State-of-the-art software for new projects, or new functionality for existing projects.

Innovative methods of capturing, transmitting, manipulating, and protecting data.

Software to run on devices with pre-installed operating systems, such as handheld GPS, mobile phones, and tablets or means of integrating hardware and software platforms.

Analysing, designing and developing the technology.

Testing the product, process or software.

Complex computations, including the development of automation, algorithms, computational intelligence and complex logic.

Complex communications (e.g. combining mobile and static technologies, structured and non-structured data, multiple operating systems etc.)

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