How the Government pledge to solve the housing crisis


How the Government pledge to solve the housing crisis

As the PM debate continues, focus has shifted to how the future figurehead will tackle the current housing crisis.

The former Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, wants to protect the Greenbelt and utilise brownfield sites, to keep the Country’s precious landscape safe. He is vying to utilise land that is disused or even derelict, as a viable solution to restrict urban growth and maintain open spaces.

He is also a firm supporter of Modular Homes, creating a cheaper, faster solution for house building. The process of constructing homes within a factory and then simply transporting them to where they need to be, will have a positive affect on cities where building and construction can cause a stand still.

The supposed ‘front-runner’ of the Conservative candidates, Liz Truss, believes from her previous role as a local Councillor, that cutting the review time for planning permission will have a positive effect on the crisis. She believes that it is disheartening that people are having to save for longer and are therefore older before they can afford to buy their own property and so also agrees that brownfield sites are an effective step in resolving the issue and encouraging economic growth.

How can you benefit from these resolutions?

This innovative thinking behind building modular homes can be supported by R&D, so companies using inventive methods to build new homes and even those companies who are in charge of finding new techniques for transferring them, can benefit from receiving cash tax reliefs.

For developers and investors looking to employ the rectification of brownfield sites, they could potentially be eligible for Land Remediation Relief, a Government incentive to encourage re-purposing land and receiving cash benefits for the work undergone.

Research & Development

Gemma Davies leads our R&D team, with a wealth of experience in the field, she is keen to investigate and assess companies who are utilising appreciable improvements, to set themselves apart from their peers and benefit from the Government relief.

Land Remediation Relief

Aulfat Bi heads up our Capital Allowances Team and with over 20 years of rich experience within the industry, there isn’t anything about Land Remediation Relief that she doesn’t know