Recruitment update: New R&D specialist joins the team


Recruitment update: New R&D specialist joins the team

At Innovation 4 Business, we believe that strong employees are essential to the success of the business.

As part of our latest recruitment drive, we’ve welcomed a new Research and Development Relief (R&D) specialist to our team, making this our fifth new hire in five months.


Joining from East Midlands accountancy practise Azets, Taylor Rodwell MAAT ATT has joined the Innovation 4 Business R&D team and brings with him a wealth of tax experience, including in capital allowances, land remediation relief and stamp duty tax relief.  Prior to working at Azets, and having previously spent 8 years working in tax, Taylor was a Quantity Surveyor.

An exciting addition to the team, Taylor’s main area of expertise is in R&D – providing us with a great opportunity for expansion. The R&D area has seen great growth since businesses are increasingly seeking to recover relief they are entitled to as part of their R&D work.

An increased R&D focus

In his new role, one of Taylor’s key aims at Innovation 4 Business will be to focus on R&D claims in the property and construction sector, primarily advising property developers and specialists.

Construction is one of the most underclaimed sectors when it comes to R&D claims, with the average R&D claim in the construction sector being £70,359 (HMRC R&D tax credits statistics 2020). R&D often leads to an improvement in existing construction techniques to solve site specific or environmental issues or developing new products such as lighter weight, stronger, resilient or easier-to-process building materials.

For the business, this means we will have additional time and resources to help with your R&D claims. We look forward to helping more businesses claim R&D relief using our expert team.


Innovation 4 Business

Innovation 4 Business specialises in Stamp Duty Land Tax, Property Tax, Property Incorporation and R&D and is a part of ARMCo, a newly launched group of companies, set up to provide clients with a holistic service across property and financial services.

Phil Moore, Managing Director of Innovation 4 Business said:

“It’s a pleasure welcoming Taylor on board, and he brings with him a wealth of experience that will be a huge asset to our team and be invaluable as we seek to grow our R&D specialism.

I’m delighted to report that Innovation 4 Business has seen its most successful quarter to date, saving clients almost £5million so far this year.

Taylor is our fifth new team member so far in 2021 and we have more exciting plans afoot in terms of further recruitment and business expansion”.

Other businesses in the ARMCo group include: Finance 4 Business, Liquidity Club, Midshore, Atlas Land & Planning, Walker Doble, Lighthouse, Cape Insurance and Chordis.

Does my company qualify for Research and Development Relief?

If your company is taking a risk by attempting to resolve a scientific or technological uncertainty, you may be carrying out qualifying activity.

According to the government’s website, to get R&D relief you:

  • Must explain how a project looked for an advance in science in technology
  • Must be sure a professional in the field could not easily work out the issue
  • Have had to overcome uncertainty
  • Have tried to overcome uncertainty

To be considered, your project may research or develop a new process, product or service or improve on an existing one.

If you would like to receive more information and check whether your project is eligible for Research and Development Relief, call our expert team on 0121 309 0222 or email

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